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Discover Harmony Roots:

The Craft Cannabis Legacy of Antonio Harvey and Jennifer Speer-Harvey

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Craft Cannabis Cultivated with Legacy and Love

Welcome to Harmony Roots, where the legacy of NBA veteran Antonio Harvey and the agricultural acumen of Jennifer Speer-Harvey converge to cultivate the finest craft cannabis. Our dedication to sustainable farming and impeccable quality sets us apart, providing you with an unparalleled cannabis experience. Discover how our founders' journey from the basketball courts to the lush fields of Oregon has led to the creation of some of the most exquisite cannabis strains available today.

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Exquisite Strains

Our meticulous approach to cultivation is designed to bring out the symphony of flavors and aromas in each strain. Harmony Roots is proud to offer a curated selection of cannabis that boasts a harmonious blend of terpenes and flavonoids, crafted to deliver a unique and memorable experience to every consumer. Indulge in our premium products, where quality and purity are never compromised.


Explore and experience our wide range of products available at select Oregon dispensaries. Find us at these trusted locations to discover the perfect choice for your needs. Step into these dispensaries and let our offerings elevate your experience to new heights. Uncover quality, variety, and excellence as you seek out our products in Oregon's premier cannabis destinations.

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