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Welcome to Harmony Roots, where the love and dedication of our husband and wife team, Jennifer Speer-Harvey and Antonio Harvey, infuse every aspect of our operation. At the heart of our business is a passionate duo whose commitment to sustainability and quality is evident in every plant we cultivate. Our collective expertise and enthusiasm ensure that every Harmony Roots product is not only crafted with care but also showcases the love and attention that only a family-oriented business can provide. Meet the dedicated individuals behind Harmony Roots, where every plant tells a story of passion and precision.

Antonio Harvey


Antonio Harvey, born in 1970 in Pascagoula, Mississippi, is a former professional basketball player and a pioneering entrepreneur in the cannabis industry. Harvey's remarkable journey began when he entered the NBA as an undrafted player in 1993, showcasing his tenacity and skill across multiple teams including the Los Angeles Lakers and Vancouver Grizzlies. His basketball career spanned over a decade, with international stints in Europe and various U.S. leagues like the CBA and USBL, underscoring his global impact on the court.

After retiring from basketball, Harvey transitioned to media, becoming a well-respected radio broadcaster for the Portland Trail Blazers until 2016. His post-sports career took an entrepreneurial turn when he, along with his wife Jennifer Speer-Harvey, founded Terra Mater Farms in Oregon. This venture not only marked his entry into the cannabis industry but also demonstrated his commitment to sustainable agriculture.

Today, Antonio Harvey is a prominent cannabis advocate and co-founder of Harmony Roots, where he continues to innovate by producing high-quality cannabis that emphasizes environmentally friendly farming techniques. His journey from sports star to cannabis entrepreneur highlights his ability to adapt and thrive in diverse fields, while his dedication to community and family well-being shines through his business endeavors. Antonio Harvey's story is one of resilience, innovation, and a seamless transition from athletic excellence to business success.

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Jennifer Speer-Harvey


Jennifer Speer-Harvey is a prominent figure in the Oregon cannabis industry, known for her pioneering work alongside her husband, former NBA player Antonio Harvey. Together, they own and operate Terra Mater Farms in Canby, Oregon, distinguished as one of the state's first licensed recreational marijuana cultivators. Their farm is renowned for producing high-quality cannabis that is sustainably grown without unnecessary pesticides and fertilizers. The Harveys' dedication to sustainable farming and top-tier cannabis production has significantly contributed to Oregon’s thriving cannabis market.

Expanding their footprint in the cannabis industry, Jennifer and Antonio also lead Harmony Roots, a boutique cannabis cultivation enterprise. This operation focuses on the meticulous cultivation of cannabis, with a particular emphasis on achieving a harmonious balance of terpenes and flavonoids. Their approach ensures a unique and superior consumer experience through careful strain selection and cultivation techniques aimed at optimizing the quality of their products.

Jennifer Speer-Harvey's transition from traditional agriculture to the forefront of Oregon’s cannabis sector exemplifies her adaptability and entrepreneurial spirit. Her significant contributions, in tandem with Antonio, have set high standards for quality and sustainability in the cannabis industry, showcasing their commitment to excellence and innovation.

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